In the current crisis have you found yourself wanting to pray? Or have you found it harder to pray?

In my experience, both are very common in moments of crisis.

My friend’s daughter was born around the same time as our eldest and it was a complicated delivery. I remember him saying to me afterwards, “Andy, I’m not sure I even believe in God, but I was praying to anyone I could think of that she we be ok!”

Many people’s experience is that in the moment of crisis, we find ourselves crying out. We want to be able to ask for help from someone greater than ourselves.

Jesus Christ described the God of the bible like a loving Father who hears prayers and saves those who cry out to him. And so, if that is you, as a church we would love to introduce you to this God.

Join us for one of our online services at and consider the evidence that there really is a God worth crying out to in prayer.

But it might be that you are normally a praying person but in the current crisis that you are finding it harder to pray. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by doubts and questions, fear and anxiety, and feel as if you need to get your head straight before you could pray to God.

If that is you, let me encourage you to talk to a trusted Christian friend about that, but more importantly still, talk to God about it in prayer.

It has been said that Christians often think of our heart like a cup that gets filled up with anxiety, doubts and questions, and we feel like we need to empty the cup before we can fill it with faith and pray.

But actually, our hearts are more like weighing scales. They get weighed down by doubts and questions, fear and anxiety, and as we pray, asking God for help, trust in God weighs on the other side of the scale. It lifts some of our burdens and anxieties as we learn to trust him.[1]

Of course, it is right to express the questions and doubts that we have. But bring them to God in prayer.

In Mark 9, we’re told about another father in desperate need of help for his child. He went to Jesus ,but he was full of doubts, questions and concerns. He said to Jesus, “I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief” (Mark 9:24).

That’s a brilliant prayer in a crisis, when we feel weighed down and we’re not sure what to pray, or if we even want to pray. We could make that our prayer in the current crisis: I want to believe, help me overcome my unbelief.

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, let me encourage you to seize the moment at the end of this video and talk to Godin prayer. It could be silently in your head. But tell God about your situation, tell him how you feel and what’s weighing you down. Ask him for help.

Take the opportunity to speak to the God who hears and answers prayers. The God who helps us overcome our unbelief.


[1] Grateful thanks to Scott Swain for this illustration.

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