Pre-school children

New Mums

A group for mums with babies under 1 year. The group is an informal support group giving mums a chance to be together, discuss some of the pressures of having a new baby and the challenges of each stage. 

Click here to book for Wednesday 4th November

Click here to book for Friday 6th November.

Small Talk

Small Talk is our group for pre-school children and their carers. Every Wednesday at 10am there will be fun video to watch with songs and activities for pre-school children to do at home.

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Sunday Resources

The Sunday crèche team will be providing resources for families pre-school children to use on Sundays.

Click here for the crèche resources.

Primary school children

Adventurers & Explorers

We have a Zoom call for children in primary school each Sunday at 9.30am. Please contact Paula Harris if you’d like to join in.

Family Devotions

Each week we create a worksheet to help families study the Bible together, and keep exploring the passage from the Sunday service. These worksheets can be downloaded from the Online Services page for the relevant week.

Paula Harris

Please contact Paula for more details about all the events for children, and to register for the Zoom calls.​